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Problem statement

Most Diabetes and Blood pressure patients in Uganda do not have an automated way of keeping their medical records.These patients use manual files for example Notebooks and Diaries which come with several disadvantages like lack of durability, bulkiness and lack of confidentiality, to mention but a few.

Other than just keeping patients records, the manual files’ static nature does not enable them to provide any other form of functionality like manipulating the stored data, giving immediate response and alerts or monitoring a patient’s progress.

Proposed solution

The team intends to develop  a mobile and web based application that enables patients to manage their blood glucose and blood pressure readings, and enables doctors monitor their patients progress.

Stake holders

Diabetic and Blood pressure patients


Benefits of the solution to the stakeholders

Diabetic and Blood pressure patients

The application will help patients store the patient’s complication readings.

The application will enable a patient to view the detailed and graphical readings.

The application will help patients to get first aid in case of abnormal readings.

The application will alert the patient’s doctor in case an acute reading is entered.


The application will enable a doctor to view the patients’ entered readings in detail and graphically.

The application will enable doctor to contact the patient.



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The implementation of the DiaMed application

The web component of the application

Sign up for doctor page

sign doc

Login for doctor page

login doc

Register patient page

registerptient doc

View patients page

view patients

View patients graphical data

graphical patient data

The mobile application component

Login page for the patient

login page mobile

Main menu for the application

 main menu

Entering blood glucose reading page

bloodg reading

Entering blood pressure readings page


Choosing the time of day when reading is taken

activity diabetes

Recommendation page

recommendation bg

View detailed  readings


View the graphical readings



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The diagrams used for the application

The Architecture of the overall application

Architecture for system

The Architecture of the Mobile component

Arch phone

The use case diagram for the application

usecase for application

The activity diagram for the application


The component diagram for the application

  component diagram

The activity diagram of the presentation component

presenation ad

 Activity diagram of the verification component

verifc ad

Activity diagram of the back up module


Activity diagram of the alert module

alert ad

Activity diagram of the data visualisation component

graph ad

The Entity Relationship diagram




 Home     Implementation     Technical    Team

The DiaMed team


He is the groups lead programmer.He loves programming mobile, desktop and web applications in various languages. In his free time he watches movies and soccer.

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She is the systems analyst of the group.She loves documentation and designing of systems. Sh enjoys watching Soap Operas, movies and hanging out with friends and family.



She is also a system analyst of the group. She is passionate about publicizing and marketing of the applications. in her spare time she enjoys doing fashion, listening to music and watching movies.



She is a designer of the group.She enjoys programming web and mobile applications and business analysis. She wants to encourage more girls to join the computing field.She enjoys watching movies, listening to music, meeting new people and traveling.

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